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Our  art classes, workshops, retreats, and events are inspired by a down to earth, open minded, loving, artistic approach, with inspiration from Reggio Emilia: ‘Learn through Play’, Montessori: ‘Freedom & Collaboration’, plus a wholehearted conscious, proactive focus on enhancing positive Health & Wellness.

I came across and have ever since resonated with these natural, creative philosophy’s, therapeutic techniques, practices, with proven benefits and also professional teaching since 2007. I came across the Reggio Emilia teaching practice in 2010, whilst in Byron Bay, actually participating in another art workshop! Montessori whilst teaching in Remote Aboriginal communities over many years in WA, thus developing my own approach that is nurturing, positive and values all creative expression, with a focus on a healthy empowerment mindset.

In our creative arts space, leave the busy world behind, set your imagination and creative side free, relax, let the good vibes and art materials, including, paints, inks, pencil, collage; Straight onto a blank canvas, quality papers, or knead, pull, pinch, roll, and sculpt with the smooth, slippery texture of clay; Or enjoy a mixed media crafts and creative expression session whilst being guided to making your artworks unlike any other. 


Tia Spitieris

Artist, Teacher & Founder

I am passionate about all things art, creativity, colour, health and wellness. I empower students of all ages and abilities to find and use their creative voices and bring out the innate artist within us all. I started Artrageous Creations in 2011 to share my passion for Creative Arts with children and adults, beginning with school holiday classes, when I was 16 years of age, then officially as Artrageous Creations in 2011 at Victoria Park Centre for the Arts, to support the diversity of cultures, self-expression, process making, and enjoying the meditational, mindful aspects alongside the natural playfulness of art-making and responding, whilst making something amazing, beautiful and unique.

I have continued teaching visual art in schools to children, teenagers and adults as well as creating my own artworks.

I have extensive experience as a professional, registered teacher, teaching a variety of learning areas (MESH) and in Visual Arts, as a Visual Art Specialist Teacher for close to 18 years and am still creating, and happy to create with You, family, friends and the community to activate, share and bring about a sense of positive, down to earth consciousness, health, mindfulness, unity, wellness and empowerment, confidence, risk-taking and making, having fun, getting messy, developing focus gently in multi-discipline art studio areas, in a state of serenity, enhancing creative problem-solving skills, and ultimately developing one’s Self through the amazing medium of art with a kaleidoscope of colours, materials, methods – only to enrich and develop one’s esteem and vision of the art of life.

I have studied Fine Art and Visual Art, majoring in painting, exploring every other art studio area including, drawing, sculpture, textiles, fashion, design, photography, installation art, glassware sculpture, printmaking, art therapy, colour therapy, art history, and drama – and  love working in all these mediums!

I have a degree in Education and have been teaching curriculum learning areas including art and lifelong learning, (however extremely passionate about Creative Arts) in Perth and throughout the rich country including Aboriginal remote communities of Western Australia, which has enriched my learning and deepened my knowledge, appreciation, and love of diverse cultures and arts.

My desire is to inspire, empower and instil a positive growth mindset, resilience, happiness, technique and skills in individuals of all ages. 

I believe art-making and responding are healing, soothing and priceless. It’s not always about the end result, art is about process, narrative, inspiring others with the warmth of each unique creation, expanding awareness, and appreciating the many different forms of artworks in our world and in every day.  

I believe everyone is creative, despite how many times I hear words to the effect, ‘I can’t draw or paint…or make art, I’m not creative!’ My intention is to serve, provide and show people – children, teenagers and adults that they can! The chance to challenge, to shift a fixed mindset to a positive growth mindset working with heart, body, mind and soul, as there are so many ways to make, create something, anything – as it engages positive creative energy, and is, therefore, a work of art! 

Imagination and creativity are innately within Us All. I wish to bring it out in a fun, playful, supportive and positive way to make one’s soul sing! 

It’s time for us to redefine what really is Art, how to open up and further organically grow our creativity with all of its potentials,  to engage in experimenting, curiosity,  happiness, relaxation,  bringing joy along, beauty plus creative intelligence, only to realise and accept that we all are incredible at creating and truly are artists in the making masterpieces all the time in many a way.  


Current WWCC Approved.

Where we create from

Each space is welcoming, relaxed, positive and engaging

Any art class, workshop or event can be held at a venue of your choice, either from home or from a choice from our vibrant, suave, upbeat, bubbly selected Licensed Venues near the beach, river and heart of the CBD of Perth!

Art classes, workshops, events & parties have been held at a various Art Centre Studios and selected licensed venues. Venues include Victoria Park Centre for the Arts, Subiaco Arts Centre, Town of Vincent Centre, Mystic Motivation, The Art Space Collective and The Wild Fig in Scarborough including Wellness Wednesdays at Watermans’ at our atelier near natural bushland and the ocean. All classes held in a supportive, fun, safe, nurturing environment intent to comfortably set your inner artist free! 

Contact us for ways in how we can accommodate, as we can come to you for your special creative do!